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Leping sõlmimisel

Welcome to the Estonian Sausage Festival!

Festivali asukoha aadress on: Vallikääru aas (Sadama tn 15, 80012), Pärnu linn, Pärnu.
Festivali GPS koordinaadid: N 58 23.020 / E 24 29.433

The Estonian Sausage Festival, which takes place every summer, is ready to welcome thousands of guests, and the entry is completely free!

The mission of the Estonian Sausage Festival is to cultivate an appreciation of sausages as an excellent versatile food item as well as to promote the modern sausage consumption and manufacturing culture and everything good that is associated with it. 

The organizers of the festival, who are sausage connoisseurs themselves, aim to present the sausage products manufactured and marketed in Estonia as well as other related products and services and to popularize sausage-making at home and vocational training. 

The festival features a grand tasting event organized in order to introduce the sausage brands marketed in Estonia as well as the Estonian National Sausage School with lectures about trends, healthy lifestyle and workshops on how to make sausages at home. There will be a country-wide Estonian Sausage-Makers Championship and the Estonian Championship in Grilling, which is organized by the Estonian Barbeque Association. Restaurants will be presenting sausages as a food item which deserves respect and provides numerous options for use, selling sausage and various sausage dishes on the occasion of the festival. New and fascinating performers will be brought to the public in cooperation with the Estonian Show Fair – Showtime!, but the star of the festival is the Sausage!

The festival welcomes anyone who lives in Estonia and appreciates good food as well as sausage-seeking tourists from abroad: we are going to show the world how tasty Estonian food is! 

We would appreciate good sausage-related ideas on how to better organize our festival. See you at the Estonian sausage Festival!

Kadi Neidek
Organizer of the Estonian Sausage Festival 

For entrepreneurs

The Estonian Sausage Festival, which is a universally loved great sausage celebration, is a good marketing and sales partner for entrepreneurs targeting end consumers. By taking part in the festival, you will be able to introduce your company, products and services, ensure some sales and obtain direct feedback as well as valuable information from a great number of consumers within a short period of time while putting in almost no effort and little money. There will be opportunities to use the festival stages for food-related presentations and purchase air time for your commercials. 

The Estonian Sausage Festival grounds will have anything you might need: the best food and drinks, a high-quality entertainment program, and technical services that are rather expensive to organize for companies separately. Some entrepreneurs have been bringing their competition sites to the EstonianChampionships in Sausage Grilling for years in order to treat their clients and business partners to a meal or to develop their employees’ team spirit by putting them to cook together. Similarly to the most important decisions being made and negotiations taking place on the golf course or tennis court, good ideas emerge and deals are made next to the grill. The competitions in grilling held during the Sausage Festival are also often attended as corporate summer events because this is how a company can combine something useful with something enjoyable at a low cost: advertise the enterprise, its products and services, ensure some sales turnover and treat the employees to a pleasant get-together with good food. The festival’s playground gives companies that market children’s goods a great opportunity to advertise their products and receive consumer feedback. 

There are multiple options of using the festival for promoting your business. Do not hesitate to contact us, and let’s start mutually profitable cooperation to make your business successful and make festival visitors happy!

10 good reasons for companies to take part in the Estonian Sausage Festival:

  • The Estonian Sausage Festival is a grand event for all foodies and also professionals specializing in food-related businesses;
  • The festival grounds with the area of 10,000 m2and up to a hundred participants can welcome and serve up to 50,000 guests on the two days of the event;
  • The entry to the festival is free for visitors;
  • The participation fee for participants is reasonable, and taking part is good for business;
  • The festival is held in an attractive, popular and easily accessible location;
  • Participants will also get advertising contacts in country-wide media, including a TV-show;
  • The structure and content of the festival are precisely positioned: only food-related companies will be located in large thematic areas;
  • The duration of the festival is reasonable with enough time for interested parties to obtain information;
  • Participants will be able to enjoy free or discounted entry to the festival afterparties;
  • Interaction with the festival organizers is easy and professional. 

Please contact us in order to participate; the number of participants is limited!!

See you at the Estonian Sausage Festival!